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Halloween Hallway

Mini Game

I love Halloween! I made this game for the Octopus rideshare tablet in a day and a half, really just for fun and to get in the Halloween spirit. Mostly used stock images (no video, this was all made with effects and images) that I animated and edited together, added different effects and filters and color correction, puppet pinned the creepy girl for animation, hand drew all the lettering, and did lots and lots of sound editing. It ended up being so creepy that the director of Octopus wanted it to only be shown on the tablet at night to not scare passengers during the day, and it still had the highest CTR of any other Halloween content (or anything else on the tablet) that season. It is now used as the main game to pitch to "creepy" clients such as the most recent Scream movie and the second Nun movie. 

fig. 14
made in Photoshop, & After Effects
responsible for all aspects
made while working at T-Mobile

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