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When I found out that Duolingo became a client at T-Mobile, I immediately volunteered for any content they wanted us to make! I am a huge fan of Duolingo, use it on almost a daily basis, so I was excited to make this game for the Octopus rideshare tablet. The client only gave us 3 videos to work off of, no other assets, so I edited/spliced those together as much as I could, and used the music from one of the videos. But the rest, I screen captured myself using Duolingo, as well as just illustrating, building assets, and animating elements myself to fill in any gaps. This was a challenging project because of the lack of assets, but I think it turned out like something you'd use on the Duolingo app, but available on the Octopus tablet. The client agreed, too!

fig. 98
made in Illustrator & After Effects
responsible for concept, video editing, some illustration/design, & animation
made while working at T-Mobile

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